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Leveled Book Lists
These lists have been developed for two reasons:

  • for parents who have requested help in finding books at their child's reading level.
  • for teachers who have requested a leveled book list or have asked for help in their effort to build a leveled library in their classrooms.
These lists are in alphabetical order by the titles and include two or three different sets of levels within each grade. Please remember that children learn at different rates for many different reasons. These lists are given as a way to choose books that will be at a child's level of development. Grade levels are not the important factor in choosing a book. You must start where children are and move from there because children, who are at the beginning stages of reading, need books that are “Just Right.”

“Just Right” Books for Beginning Readers

Beginning readers must have opportunities to be challenged while they read so that they can practice the skills they have learned. However it is equally important, that beginning readers do not become overwhelmed with too difficult a text. Some mistakes are okay; too many and beginning readers will not enjoy the reading and most often will not understand what they read. When these beginning readers are reading books within a level with very few mistakes, with fluency, and with understanding it may be time to move to more difficult text.

This list is not intended to limit children's reading. Children can still enjoy books at a challenging level, at a comfortable level as well as an easy level.

While there is not one set level of expected comprehension, These scores target students to books where he/she is expected to have 75-percent comprehension. This makes it easy to see how reading develops and to help guide students to appropriately challenging reading materials. 

The titles are not recommended books, nor should they be viewed as a suggested reading list. There are many factors that affect the relationship between a reader and text, including content, age appropriateness, reader interests, suitability of the text and text difficulty. The Lexile measure, grade level, or guided reading level of a book - a measure of text difficulty - is a good starting point in the book-selection process, with other factors then being considered. These measures should never be the only factor considered when selecting a book.

Teachers at Sabin are highly-qualified educational professionals. Discuss your child’s reading level with the classroom teacher.

To help you use these scores, here is a chart to help you look at test scores and determine your child’s independent reading level.

Click here...Lexile Framework - click here for PDF

Benchmark Education - click for PDF

Many of the levels for these books have been included in books written by Gay Sue Pinnell and Irene Fountas, who are highly respected reading consultants in the eduacation field. Please understand the list is subjective and you should use your own personal judgement. I have included these charts that provide the spans that some consider appropriate for each grade.