Albert Robbins Sabin (1837-1913)

Albert Robbins Sabin was born in Rockingham, Vermont, and was educated at Middlebury College. A Civil War veteran, Robbins came to Chicago in 1863, where he began a career in education that included principalships at the Dearborn, Newberry, Franklin, Douglas, Kinzie, Audubon, Irving Park, and Medill High Schools. He also served as District Superintendent from 1887 to 1902.

Sabin School opened as an elementary school in 1915. In 1924 it became a junior high school and stayed one until 1933. In 1933 it became a branch of both Tuley high School and Wicker Park Elementary School. Sometime after 1933 but by 1965 it was once again an independent elementary school.