April 17, 2020

The 5th and 6th grade students have finished working on their Geometry shapes project:

Have you ever built model airplanes, cars or boats? Models are often scaled-down versions of real objects. Physical models have many of the same features as the original but are often more convenient to study or to play with. Theoretical or mathematical models are very common. Geometric ideas such as points, lines, planes, faces, edges, vertices, polygons, and diagonals can be used to represent physical objects. In the following math research project students discovered the rules that describe geometric situations. Students studied the regular solids (platonic solids), their properties, geometry, and occurrences in nature (e.g. virus shapes, fullerene molecules, crystals). In this project students created an informational poster, included real-life pictures or objects and build a model.

click the image below:

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