November 2017 - Bingo night was a HUGE success!!! We hosted 100+ people in the cafeteria from 5-6:30 p.m. and I must say each and every single student/person stayed until the very last minute. We had families that wanted to continue to play! LOL Whether they won or not they all left with a smile. Please continue to come to school everyday so you can be part of the next Attendance Incentive! 

October 2017 - Sabin is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!
Each morning a student features a Spanish speaking country they have researched and share the information during announcements.
Here is Daniela from 211 with her teachers Ms. Sierra and Ms. Franco. She was an announcer for the day!!

Sept 2017 - Best Attendance Goes to: Mr. Crain-Davis, 8th Grade Homeroom 310!


2017 Pep Rally