April 25th, 2017 Math & Science Robotics Show

Sabin Robotics Speedbot Race event 2016-17

Our sixth grade students with perfect attendance for the first month of school were invited to attend a field trip to the financial district of Chicago. The students took part in a workshop where they reviewed basic financial terms like saving, credit, debt and learned about the Federal Reserve Banking system. The students visited the museum at the Federal reserve bank of Chicago where they took part in fun interactive activities about money. Excellent attendance allows for great academic success. Here at Sabin we do our best to keep our students motivated to continue to come to school ready to learn! Thank you Ms. Melissa Mercado for escorting our Sabin Students on this great adventure and for all the contributions you make at Sabin everyday!


Oct 2016 We are so thankful to Ms. Gabler for winning a grant from the Chicago Humanities Festival! She shared this great experience with 26 of our Sabin 8th & 6th grade students. They were able to meet the awe inspiring poet and author Kwame Alexande and hear him speak and perform his poetry, Sabin received 30 copies of his newest novel, Booked!

Thank you again Ms. Gabler!

The 8th grade honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink.