Freckle is Sabin's online platform. Students will be receiving assignments in grades 2-8 from their teachers.

This Freckle guide for families shows parents and guardians how to help their students use Freckle at home.


4/29/20: People fleeing domestic violence can now get free hotel rooms during the pandemic. The Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline received 6 percent more calls from the Chicago area this March compared to the same month last year, and police have seen a 12 percent increase in domestic violence-related calls through this year compared to the same time last year, according to the city. Those who need a room can call or text the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline anytime at 877-863-6338. Read more here.  

4/16/20: Getting Connected to the Internet

4/15/20: Lightbox is offering you unlimited access to our Lightbox Interactive eBooks at no cost until August 1, 2020. CLICK HERE

4/13/20: Ms. Ramirez - State Rep - Covid-19 information

4/09/20: Sabin School Communication Plan-Bilingual

Sabin Non-Digital Remote Plan-Bilingual

SABIN DAILY MAIN OFFICE Hours for Student Support Plan-Bilingual

Sabin School Day Student Support Plan-Bilingual


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    CPS Parent Checklist for Remote Learning Success Eng | Esp

    + / - 7th & 8th Grade Parents

    Hello 7th and 8th grade Families,

    We hope this email finds you healthy and safe. Our team has been eagerly awaiting instructions from Sabin and the District as to how the school year will proceed. We are currently collaborating on what our learning plan will look like for your child. We aim to make ourselves as available and supportive to you and your child as possible. Remote learning is how we will proceed beginning April 13th.

    It is vital that all parents respond to us with their internet capability, and their need for a device.  Devices will not be available for distribution without documentation of need. The devices will be distributed no earlier than April 20th. Information in regards to this distribution will be communicated as it becomes available. 

    We will be communicating with you through several platforms including Google Classroom, 

    Google Meet, Remind, and CPS email. Provided learning opportunities will be used to boost your child’s grade, and provide engagement during these unstable times. Attendance will not be taken for these lessons.

    Please click the appropriate link to join the Remind app for future communications. 

    Scholars will be engaged through the following platforms: Freckle, HRW, Khan Academy, CommonLit and NewsELA. 

    Currently, we are scheduled to return to Sabin on Friday May 1st. This is subject to change per the District’s decision regarding school closures.


    Ms. Sartin will be hosting office hours Tuesday/Thursday from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

    Ms. Hernandez will be hosting office hours Monday/Wednesday from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    Mr. Beeh will be hosting office hours Tuesday/Thursday from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    Mrs. Taylor will be hosting office hours Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

    Mr. Torres will be hosting office hours Tuesday/Thursday from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Ms. Sartin -

    Ms. Hernandez -

    Mr. Beeh -

    Mrs. Taylor -

    Mr. Torres -

    Again please respond to this email, so we know you have received this information.

    Sincerely, The 7th and 8th Grade Teachers

    Hola Familias de 7º y 8º grado,

    Esperamos que durante este correo electrónico se encuentren sanos y seguros. Nuestro equipo ha estado esperando ansiosamente las instrucciones de Sabin y del Distrito sobre cómo continuará el año escolar. Actualmente estamos colaborando en cómo será nuestro plan de aprendizaje para su hijo. Nuestro objetivo es ponernos a su disposición y brindarle el mayor apoyo posible a usted y a su hijo. El aprendizaje remoto será a partir del 13 de abril.

    Es vital que todos los padres nos respondan con su capacidades de Internet y su necesidad de un dispositivo electronico. Los dispositivos no estarán disponibles para distribución sin nesesaria documentación. Los dispositivos se distribuirán no antes del 20 de abril. La información con respecto a esta distribución se comunicará a medida que esté disponible. 

    Nos comunicamos con usted a través de varias plataformas: Google Classroom, 

    Google Meet, Remind y el correo electrónico de CPS. Las oportunidades de aprendizaje proporcionadas se utilizarán para aumentar la calificación de su hijo y proporcionar participación durante estos tiempos inestables. La asistencia no se tomará para estas lecciones.

    Recuerdos de comunicación para los padres de 8vo grado

    8th Grade Parents CLICK HERE 

    Recuerdos de comunicación para los padres de 7mo grado

     7th Grade Parent CLICK HERE

    Los estudiantes participarán académicamente a través de las siguientes plataformas: Freckle, HRW, Khan Academy, Common Lit, NewsELA

    Actualmente, tenemos programado regresar a Sabin el viernes 1 de mayo. Esto está sujeto a cambios según la decisión del Distrito con respecto al cierre de escuelas.


    Sra. Sartin estará disponible durante las horas de oficina de martes y  jueves de 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

    Sra. Hernández estará disponible durante las horas de oficina de lunes y miércoles de 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    Sr. Beeh estará disponible durante las horas de oficina de martes y jueves de 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    Sra. Taylor estará disponible durante las horas de oficina de martes y jueves de 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM 

    Sr. Torres estará disponible durante las horas de oficina de lunes a martes y jueves de las 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Sra. Sartin -

    Sra. Hernández -

    Sr. Beeh -

    Sra. Taylor -

    Sr. Torres - ntorres2 @ cps .edu

    Nuevamente, responda a este correo electrónico, para que sepamos que recibió esta información.

    Sinceramente, los maestros de 7º y 8º grado

    Classroom resources:

    Shelley Nation-Watson M.Ed. - Counselor/Case Manager

    Ms. Sherry & Ms Lamar: E-Learning

    ART: At Home Assignments

    3/17/2020: CPS Important Reminders

     Sabin Pre-K Schoolers working at home with their Parents on Ms. Anderson's suggestions.


5/26/2020: CPS Resource Packets

5/11/2020: CPS Resource Packets